Sunday, March 5, 2017

{Looking Ahead} One Last Winter Hoorah

I missed doing a post last week. Eh, it happens. It's hard to know what to plan when it feels like Spring, but it's still Winter. So, I winged it. That means for game day, I opened my cabinet and let each group decide what they wanted to do. Since most of my materials are at 1 school, my mountain school kids didn't have the luxury of choosing their activity, so I took Hi Ho! Cherry O! with me; and they loved it!
This is the week before Spring Break, even though it's technically still Winter. We're out for St. Patrick's Day (as always), so I decided to give Winter one last "hoorah". I'm centering this week's activities around the book Snowmen All Year. Speech Made Simple has a packet that has me covered for the whole week.

5 Minute Day
The students produce their target "x" amount of times, then roll the dice. After that, they can use the cute winter stamps that a friend sent me to stamp that number of snowmen.

This little activity is great for basic concepts: following direction and expressive concepts. Just have the students put the winter item (so what if some are Christmas items? I have a feeling they aren't going to care!) in a certain place on the picture (beside, on, under, get the idea!). After he has created his picture, ask him where certain items are. I don't let my students get away with saying, "Right there." When they say that, I usually tell them that I don't know where "right there" is, so he needs to use his words. 

Game Day
The companion packet has me covered for game day! Speech Made Simple included an open-ended game. Students produce their targets "x" number of times, spin the spinner, then move the game piece. The 1st one to the snowman is the winner.

Additional Activities
Last week, I pulled out some "oldies but goodies". I have a few students working on following directions using paper and crayon/pencil, and they have really been struggling with Listening for Basic Concepts All Year 'Round. So, I grabbed a couple of books I've had for a while:
 This one uses concepts, so it really fits my needs well.
I had one student read the directions and follow them. The directions are a bit easier, but the activities increase in difficulty later in the book.
The above is a page out of Easy Stories for Grammar and Basic Concepts by Academic Communication Associates. I completely forgot I had this, but it worked well with my students. It has a short story followed by questions for the student to answer to work on grammar and basic concepts, as well as answering questions following a short story. 
Good ol' Matt & Molly! Another good one for answer yes/no questions and "wh" questions after a short story is read. I downloaded the free apps, but my students went through those fairly quickly, especially the "wh" questions since there are choices. I'm not sure if the paid app gives the options of no choices. An SLP who was at the school before me had quite a few of the stories, so I made sure those weren't thrown away when I cleaned up the first time I was at this certain school. They are coming in very handy!
Another book I forgot about! Not only is this one good for answering questions, but it's also great for teaching students to read visual cues. I can't believe I forgot about this one! My students who are working on beginning inferences have started working with this book. What a treasure! The student has to look at the big picture and answer questions about it. Then,they color part of the picture according to your very simple description. (Example: The grass and the plant leaves are the same color as the trees. What color will you use?)
Then, there are 2 smaller pictures. The student looks at both of them and answers questions about how they are the same/different. 

Is there a Spring Break in your future? 

Monday, February 20, 2017

{Looking Ahead} A Presidential Week (Plus a Freebie!)

I have another short week since Presidents' Day is Monday. Most of my students had no idea why we don't have school; isn't that a sad thought? Here's what I have planned to do my part.

5 Minute Day
We'll start off the week with numero uno: George Washington. For the independent station, the students will use this sheet to color the cherries after they say their target, then roll the die:
For this freebie, click here.
As I was looking through my materials to decide what game I was going to use, I came across February Bingo. I haven't used a Bingo game in a while, so I pulled it out.
This game is perfect for talking about everything that happens in February. I put the cards in an empty tissue box, and, following production of the target, the student pulls out a card. He/she then tells what the picture is, and everyone looks to see if they have it on their own card. This keeps the students paying attention: I don't let them help each other so they have to pay attention and listen. After the card is drawn, we briefly discuss what it has to do with February. My hope is that something will stick in their little minds!

Continuing with the Lincoln theme, my students' homework will be to say the 10 words (in the phase they are working on) that are on their page.
The homework can be found here.

I have some nonfiction passages that I will be using to introduce Washington and Lincoln before we start with the game. Those passages will also be used for answering "wh" questions and inferencing. 

I know some people have the day as a Professional Development Day. My school system has "Banking Days" where we can bank some PD hours and get the day off, which is what Presidents' Day is for us. Do you have Presidents' Day off? 

Friday, February 10, 2017

{Looking Ahead} A Sweetheart of a Week

Picture courtesy of kaboompics
If you're keeping up with my Looking Ahead series, you didn't miss a week. I took the week off from blogging to deal with some family matters. And, since I still have a lot of things going on, I was even more thankful for my Frenzied SLP friends' Sharing Kindness blog hop. I ended up with a whole week's worth of activities for free! It's not too late to get in on it! Click here to get started.

5 Minute Day:
Mia from Putting Words in Your Mouth made these adorable mats to use with chips & magnetic wands; perfect for an independent activity during a 5 minute day. The students will produce their target a certain amount of times, roll the dice, then cover the hearts with magnetic chips.

My contribution is a team game. I've said this many, many times: my kids adore these games! In this game, the students have to put the heart together before the pictures from the party are in the frames.

I 💖 that Sparklle SLP & I are on the same page with giving our students homework. She is giving us something appropriate for younger kids (top page) as well as something for older kids (lower page).
AND, she even has something for those students on the carry-over phase. The students draw/write ways they can share kindness and put the booklet together, then take the booklet home & review with a helper. This can also be used for the independent activity during a 5 minute day so therapy time isn't used to complete the booklet.
Laura from All Y'all Need has this cute activity to work on pronouns, prepositions, and possessives.
Abby from Schoolhouse Talk gave a concept interactive book that can also be used for following directions.
Kristen from Talkin' With Twang made this cute story to use for comprehension and sequencing.
Need something for students working on social skills? Lisette from Speech Sprouts has this sweet activity to work on kindness.
WHEW! That's a lot of free activities that will cover just about every student on your caseload. If you download, please be kind and leave feedback. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sharing Kindness: {Frenzied SLPs} Blog Hop & Freebies

The Frenzied SLPs are sharing kindness this month the way we know best! We have collaborated to create FREE materials for use with your students centered around a kindness theme. Target a variety of speech and language skills with these products!
Check out The Frenzied SLPs Sharing Kindness Blog Hop for more freebies by starting here:
We graciously thank you for downloading and using these materials with your students/clients. If you would be so kind, please leave feedback in our TPT stores if you find a few spare moments!
(Click on picture below for a direct link to the game.)
For another great FREE product, follow the link below!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

{Looking Ahead} Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day. What a fun day!  My school system is finishing up the One Book Blitz this week, but I decided to move on. I just couldn't pass on Groundhog Day!

5 Minute Day

For the independent activity, the students will produce their target (using a pvc pipe as a "talkback"), then complete Color-A-Groundhog from Panda Speech. (It's a freebie!) 
For my students who are in a group with artic students, they will complete the Wh Questions: Interactive Book with Visuals (Speech Me Maybe). When it's time for him/her to have his/her time with me, we'll go over the book.
Traditional Therapy
For Wednesday & Thursday sessions, the students are going to love playing Groundhog Day Quick Drill (Putting Words in Your Mouth).
My older language kids will start on Groundhog Day for Language, Reading, & Responding (and more!) , again from Putting Words in Your Mouth. Instead of printing out the cards, I downloaded the product on my iPad (iBooks) to save cardstock, laminating film, and ink. I did, however, print off the game.
I made a quick Seek, Circle, and Say Homework sheet for next week. To get your copy, click here.

Groundhogs made their way to my part of the country a few years ago. Before that, my students didn't have a reference to exactly what a groundhog is. On Wed., I'll show my kids the clip from last Groundhog Day, and on Thursday, we'll watch the clip from that morning.
Are you planning anything special for Groundhog Day? Do you have groundhogs in your area of the country/world?
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