Using Google Forms to Make a Therapy Schedule

Whew! This year, it seemed like it was harder to make a schedule than I ever remember. My state passed a new law that mandates more "unstructured" recess which is great for the kids, but not so great for those of us trying to make a schedule.
The SLPs in my school system had some training on using Google Forms to make a schedule, but, since it was held 2 days after I got home from vacation, I opted out. Plus, I had it in my head that going back to having the teachers choose their 3 best times for their students to be out of the room wasn't going to work. Famous last words! 
As it turns out, at 1 of my schools, my way of having the teachers mark out the times on a grid that didn't work for them left me feeling extremely frustrated. I did a little bit of research, and figured out how to use Forms to make my schedule. Not only was it easy, but it worked!!!

Questions? Comments? Leave 'em below!


  1. Oh my. I am in love with this idea!!!! I'm bookmarking it now for next school year and will probably share it with others in my district. THANK YOU!!

    1. It was such a stress-reliever for me this year! Make sure you take a look at Erin's post on using google calendar for your schedule; it's a time-saver!!! :)


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