Looking Ahead: 4 Weeks of Therapy Already?

Finally! A week that went "semi" as planned! I didn't go all out and decorate my room, but "camp week" was a success.
Following directions (FREEBIE!) from Panda Speech. There's a 1-step and 2-step included!
I was able to use the Camp In Speech and Language from Sparklle SLP with all of the students on my caseload (minus a few students...and 1 of them really could have used it!). My kids loved the game that's included in this packet! 

WEEK 4 of therapy, y'all!!! We're halfway to Fall Break! With the Labor Day Holiday on Monday, I decided to extend my camping theme just a little bit longer.
Tuesday will be 5-Minute Day at my mountain school. Last year, I started having the students do an activity for their homework during their independent station, and it worked really well. They'll take home their first homework sheet next week...the sheet that they completed earlier this week from Speech Camp: NO PREP Articulation from Speech is Sweet
Since my kids already have their homework ready, they need an activity for their independent station, and I found just the thing: FREEBIE: Camping Speech Sheets from Jessica Finch (Everything Speechy).
I have to be completely honest: at this point, I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with my students who work on social skills. With my Narrative Retell students and my students working on describing/defining, I started using Nonfiction Endangered Animals for Language, Comprehension, and Vocabulary from The Speech Owl
Hopefully I can get the Interactive WH Question Megabundle from Speech2U ready over the weekend for some of my students who have a hard time with "wh" questions. My plan is to start using this next week. I'll keep you posted on how it goes, and if I'm able to get it ready!
For the game of the week, I've downloaded S'more Fun! from TLC Talk Shop (Psssst....it's FREE!). It looks like a fun game that my students will enjoy.
Those are the plans for next week right now. How is your planning going?

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