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I love linky parties!  On my personal blog, there are a couple that I do every week.  They've helped me get to know some of my fellow bloggers a little better.

I've been following Jenna at Speech Room News for a while, but now that I started this blog, I can participate in her linky!  This month's subject is "organization".  Are you kidding me?  I'm known as an organizer by my fellow SLPs.
(Click on the pictures for a bigger view.)
1)  I organize my data collection notebook this way:

I have each group sectioned off into their times.  The first thing you'll see is their "sticker charts" that I got from "Year Round Lifesavers and TimeSavers for  Speech Pathologists" (from Super Duper, Inc.). 

 After that, progress charts (again from "Year Round Lifesavers and TimeSavers for Speech Pathologists"), S-Cat results, a progress form (that I use to make writing those progress reports easier!), attendance forms, and finally a piece of cardstock with their objectives that I stick their data labels on.  (The "Year Round..." books that I have were an older edition, so the forms may have changed!)

Progress Chart

Sample of the Progress Form:
Attendance Form

2)  To keep up with when IEPs are due, when I'm having my meetings, and when I'm sending out Invitations, I use my Outlook Mail (which we use at school) Calendar.  At the beginning of the year, I pull up my caseload for each school on our computerized IEP program, then sort according to IEP date.  I put in when the IEPs/Re-evals are due and highlight them in red.  Then, I look at the month before each one is due, and put that child's name in.  Then, I look at 2 weeks before that and put in "Send Joey" (for example) and highlight that in brown for "to do".  (Unfortunately, I'm not showing you a picture due to confidentiality.)

3)  I organize my therapy sessions this way:  the students come in, and on Mondays/Tuesdays we check their speech folders for homework and signatures.  Then, we do an activity.  Wed./Thurs./Fri. are "Game Days" (we've been known to sing the beginning of "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne on those days!); Mondays & Tuesdays are "5-minute Days" (more on that in an upcoming session).  Following the activity, the students get their sticker(s), and walk quietly back to class.

I'm looking forward to participating in next month's Linky:  Vocabulary Activities!

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  1. Hi Mary! Thanks for linking up! I loved reading your post! I goofed up my linky button, can you re-link yourself on my page so everyone can find you? THANKS!


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