#InstaSLP: Week 1

This past week, Speech Room News & Crazy Speech World joined up to give us an instagram linky.  I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's pictures and getting some ideas!  You're never too old to get some great new ideas!  Here's a recap of my 1st #instaSLP week:
Monday:  Therapy Today

Materials ready for the first "5 minute day" of the year!  Plus, some "Dog Dice" for individual therapy!

Tuesday:  Show us your Space

My Tuesday/Thursday school.  It's a small space, but I love it!  It's away from everything, so I have my slice of heaven in the school!  Plus, the view on the way to work is nothing to sneeze at!

Wednesday:  DIY Day
Crazy Speech World inspired me with her "Keep Calm" sign!  I've had a few students who try their sound or their language target and say "I can't".  I let them know that when he walks through the speech door, he doesn't say "I can't" because "I can"!

Thursday:  Favorite #SpeechRoomNews Activity
I was a little embarrassed that, when I looked back through my instagram pictures for the week, I realized a couple of people asked about how to play the game, and I hadn't seen their comments!  My students absolutely loved this game last year, and it's definitely going into the rotation again this year!  Here's the link:
The best part about it? It was under $10!  I got everything from the Dollar Tree.  The eyeballs are in stock now, so if you don't have any, go and get some!

Friday:  Favorite Game Friday!
While my students constantly ask for "Pop the Pig", "Funny Bunny" is right up there.  My students especially love it when I play with them, and one of my bunnies goes down the "rabbit hole"!  I usually only play this around Easter.

What cool pictures did you put up last week?

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