Wednesday Waffs

I didn't see my student who usually provides me with material for Wednesday Waffs because she was on a field trip today, so I'm going to have to dig deep today!

I had a student who informed me that his mom didn't come to a meeting because his parents "were in a hotel".  (No way was I going to ask for more information!)   His mom called me later in the day and let me know that it was their anniversary, and her husband surprised her by taking her out of town for the weekend.

When I first started working (I told you I was digging deep!), I worked in NW Georgia.  One morning, one of the kindergarten teachers said that one of my students went up to her and said, "I 'et' pizza for breakfast!"  Anita said, "No, honey, you 'ate' pizza."  The little girl looked very puzzled and said, "I loved it!"

Does this remind anyone else of a PLS stimulus question?
My kind of math.
From "You Can't Scare Me, I'm a Teacher" on facebook:

Do you have any funnies to share?  Share away!

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