Wednesday "Waffs"

It's Wednesday!  By this point in the week, I think we all could use a good chuckle.
I've decided to do Wednesday posts dedicated to funny things that my students have said, or funny things pertaining to Speech Pathology that I have seen.  Let me know if this is something you'd like to join in on, and I'll make it a linky party!

☺  Yesterday, one of the TAs was walking down the hall.  She stopped, and said she thought she heard someone say her name, and asked me if I heard it.  When I told her "no", the little girl that was with me said, "Sometimes I think someone says my name, but it's actually myself."

☺  The same little girl picked out a bracelet from the treasure box.  After she put it on, she said, "It's a little big, but I think I'll grow into it."

☺ posted this on facebook on Monday:
Me (screening Kinder student last week):  What has a motor, used soap and water, and cleans your clothes.
Student:  Mom.

☺  How many of you can relate to this:
Have you had yours yet?

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