Wednesday Waff

Before I get to this week's chuckle, we had a bit of excitement at one of my schools yesterday.  A bus dropped off a load of students, and some of them went running in the office to tell the secretary that they had a "field trip" on the way to school:  They saw a bear walking through someone's backyard!  They were so excited!  

I only have one thing to share this week, but I think it's a doozy!  This "video" (it's really just an audio) is of a student that I happened to record on my iPad using the "Quick Voice" app.  We had just finished playing "Whooo Is It"  (Thank you, Crazy Speech World- a.k.a. SLP Gone Wild!).  

He was picking up his cards and started singing this:

The only way I could figure out how to get it on blogger was to put something over my webcam and record it as a video, using the iPad recording, so I apologize for the poor quality!

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