Therapy Week in Review for 11/01/2013

This is going to be a short post, especially since I caught a stomach bug and was out for 2 days.  I was so disappointed:  my students didn't get to play the "Eyeball Game" from Speech Room News!
They also didn't get to read "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat" along with the companion packet that I had all ready.  We may have to extend Halloween into next week!

All of my preschoolers (the ones in the classroom as well as my walk-ins) did get to read a book and make bats.  We started off the session with this activity so that the glitter glue would have a chance to dry a little bit.
We followed that with a little "skeleton toss".  I have these stretchy skeletons (I have no idea where I got them).  The student stands behind a "yarn line" and tries to toss the skeleton into the jack-o-lantern bucket.  For my language kids, we talked about where the skeleton landed.  After the skeletons have been tossed, I randomly put them around the jack-o-lantern, and had him hand me the one that is "on" the bucket (for example).  For my artic kid, he said some of his target words, then was allowed to toss a skeleton.
My language students also worked on increasing MLU, making complete sentences, and categorization using this activity from Speech Time Fun's Cut, Sort, & Glue.
For my 5 minute day, the students pulled a picture from the sound boxes (I put the boxes on the table!), and glued them onto a sheet that had hay bales on it.  That was going to be used for them to take home for their homework on Wed., but...the stomach bug had other ideas!  They'll get them on Monday and will be able to bring them back on Wednesday for an extra sticker.
 (The sound boxes.  Idea from Crazy Speech World.)

On Tuesday, one of my first grade groups played "Sight Word Scare" from Abbie Jinnings.  It was a freebie!  The students picked a card after saying their sounds/sentences, and then made a sentence using the sight word.  They really enjoyed it.
My 4th grade language group did "Which Witch" from SLPRunner.  I had to read the clues to the students, and they did have a little bit of a problem with them.  This one is a keeper!

When we got through with that, we had a little bit of time left over.  So, I pulled out "Whooo Is It" from SLP Gone Wild.  (Another freebie!)  They really enjoyed this game!  I also played this with a second grader.  If you missed him picking up the cards at the end of the session, you can hear it here.
My other groups played "Zombie Chase" by Dean Trout's Little Shop of SLP.  I've been holding onto this since I learned about TpT; it was my first purchase!  The kids really, really liked this game!
I guess this post wasn't as short as I thought it would be!  #InstaSLP was a bust for me this week:  I don't formally work on grammar (usually), and I only have 1 student with social objectives, then, with being out 2 days...Like I said, it was a huge bust for me this time!

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