Wednesday Waffs

I have no idea what's going on with my students:  they just aren't providing me with blog material for Wednesdays!  Thank goodness for Facebook!

From  The Buckeye Speech Path
I went to pick up my kindergarteners this afternoon and one says "I knew today was 

speech, I saw the trash truck at my house and I knew that means speech day!" So glad the 

trash truck reminds you of me!!

From   Megan, one of the SLPs in my school system:
One of my Pre-K students came up to me this morning and said he wanted to show me his pet.  He said "Look!  My pet woggy (froggy)!"  It was a dead frog!  I had to take it away from him and wash his hands.  Yuck!  He thought the frog was just really quiet!  :)

From  The Busy Speech Path:
I attempted to do my progress reports last night. I got as far as turning on my laptop 

before my 5 year old 

startled me by saying, "Ooooooooh! Mama, sleeping on the job!".

Kreative in Kinder shared this:

How many can relate?  I know I certainly can!

This one doesn't have anything to do with Speech, but how many of you get this picture that George Takai put on Facebook:

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