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I've noticed there are several speech bloggers who write a weekly posting outlining their weekly activities.  Since I'm a BIG fan of linky parties, I thought...why not?  I contacted TeachSpeech365 to see if she was interested in hosting, but she ended up giving me her blessing to start one.  
I'm having trouble getting the linky to appear; all I'm getting to show up is the code, so I've got to figure out what's going on with my template.  Hopefully I'll be able to get the linky up in the next week or two, so be on the lookout for it!
6:52 pm:  Update:  the linky is UP!  It's easy to participate:
1)  Grab my button on the side bar.  highlight the code, copy and paste it at the top of your post (like I did in this post).  Some of you have your own really cute graphic, so keep using yours!  This isn't a requirement!
2)  Write your post like you normally do/would.
3)  At the bottom of my post, click on "Click here to enter" and follow the directions.
4)  Come back to see some other great ideas from SLP Bloggers!
It's that easy!  The Linky will be up on Fridays beginning at 12:01 a.m., and will stay up until Wednesday nights at 11:59 p.m.

 Here's my week in review:
I went with Olympic activities this week.  I hated that it was a short week because I had a couple of activities to use, and we didn't have school on Monday.  That meant that one of my schools didn't get to do all of the activities.  Both schools watched a youtube video that had a lot of the Olympic events in it.  We briefly discussed the rings, and they colored them the appropriate color.  They were given pictures (from www.activityvillage.co.uk) of the events.  They found events that had their sound in it, cut those pictures out, and glued them in the rings.
My Preschool Language Activities:
Top:   "Cut, Sort & Glue! Activities for the ENTIRE Year!" from Miss Speechie to work on increasing MLU, categorizing, and using complete sentences.
Bottom:  Winter is Here Emergent Reader from Miss Helen's Hippos  (Freebie!)  to work on thematic vocabulary, increasing MLU, and using complete sentences.

My Articulation Preschooler played one of my new games:
 I was very disappointed in the game.  The picture below shows the most penguins we were able to get on the boat before any of them fell off.  When the boat tips, putting a penguin on the other end doesn't correct it.  My little guy had a good time playing it; I found it disappointing.

On Thursday, we played "Roll and Count Winter Olympics" from 3 Dinosaurs (another Freebie!)  I didn't take a picture of the dice, but it has the pictures of the different events.  First person to get one of their events to 5 was the winner.
My older language student read through a comparison of the Winter/Summer Olympics by Audrums (Yep, another freebie!), read the card and put them on the appropriate medal:  Winter, Summer, or Both.  She found the answers in the passages and highlighted them.  This was great for preparation for the TCAPs that are coming up soon!
Did you go with an Olympic theme this week?  

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