Picto4.me: A Different Kind of App

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You can't get Picto4.me through iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.  The only way to get this app is through Google.  Yes, Google; and only on your laptop/desktop computer.  If you have Google e-mail, look in the top right part of the screen and click on the square with the dots.  When you click that grid, some apps will show up.
Picto4.me is an app very similar to Boardmaker.  In fact, if you're familiar with Boardmaker, you'll have little difficulty getting the hang of this app.  This is what the home screen will look like:

Click on an empty box, and this pop-up box will come up:
Type in the picture you're looking for, and different pictures will appear for you to choose from:
Find the picture you want, and click on the check mark or double click.  The image is transferred to the box.  Before you choose that picture, you have the option to edit it, add audio, or delete it.

Pop up box for editing:
Under the "search" box, there are 5 little icons:
The folder allows you to choose where you want the pictures to come from.  The heart icon shows you pictures in your library.  The arrow allows you to upload pictures from your files.  The folded paper:  plugins, and the person:  webcam.  Just above the icons (the box that has "en") are language choices:  English, Portuguese, or Spanish.
When I click on the plugin, this pops up:
The http://www.picto4.me/ page describes this as "Audible feedback in two-level keyboard".  I'm not sure how this works, but apparently this is for people with vision difficulties.  And, there is a scan component to it, as well as the spoken word.

Picto4.me was mentioned during my TRIAD Training a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't had a lot of time to play around with it.  I used it last week with a couple of my artic students.  With a 4th grader, I pulled up the words she didn't produce correctly, and she told me which picture she wanted on the board.  I printed it out and she took it home to work on during Spring Break.

I've found it very easy to use, as well as quick.  I hope to get to know it better in the future.
Do you use Picto4.me?  If so what is your experience with it?

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  1. Thanks. I downloaded it and am looking forward to learning hoe to navigate it. I got a Mac last year, so have been unable to use boardmaker because my CD is for PC. I have been using custom boards on my ipad.


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