Wednesday Waffs

~  Last week, my first grade groups scanned their vocabulary words, then  wrote the words that had their sounds in them onto cherries.  When I asked one group if they knew why we were writing them in cherries, one girl said, "Because they're sweet and we're sweet?"

~  We had a graduation party for a couple of my /r/ kids on Monday!  I've never done that before, but these 2 boys had been in speech since they were 3 (they're in 2nd grade), and they were in the same group.  I brought in cupcakes and juice boxes.  When I opened the cupcake box and got a whiff, I passed it around so the kids could smell it.  One of the boys (one who didn't graduate) said, "How about we stop smelling and start eating?"

I hope your kids are making you laugh!

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