Week in Review: 03/28/2014

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What a week!  I have 8 more Mondays until Summer Break (but who's counting!)!!!

This week's activities were based on "Bear Wants More" by Karma Wilson.  The activities were taken from "Bear Wants More: Speech & Language Activities" by Jenn Alcorn (a.k.a. Crazy Speech World).

  5 Minute Day:
For one of my stations, I used the "Bear-y Good Speech" page.  During the student's 5 minutes at this station, they looked through the book and found words that had their target sound, and then wrote one word on each bear.  I wrote directions on the sheet, and they took it home on Wed./Thurs. (depending on what day they come to Speech) for homework.
The other station was a "Listening Station", using "Articulate It!" (Smarty Ears) to listen to words/sentences with their target.
For my groups with 4 students, another station was using a sheet from "Holiday & Seasonal Chipper Chat" (Super Duper, Inc.)
  Preschool Inclusion
I completely forgot to take pictures of what we did, but, after reading the book, I used the lower level comprehension activity, plus the sequencing activities.  I also used the categorizing activity.

 Preschool Pull-out

I re-read "Bear Wants More" and reviewed the sequencing activity.  We worked on making a complete sentence by using the carrier phrase:  Bear wants more _____. We also worked on more sequencing:  they told me what items Bear ate in order of how they were eaten in the story.
 Then, we strayed from the companion packet and did some categorizing.  This is from "Cut, Sort, & Glue! Activities for the Entire Year!" by Miss Speechie.

  Walk-in Preschoolers/Individual Kindergarten Student:
Pop the Pig is a favorite, for some reason.  I let the Kindergarten Student pick out a game, and this is what he picked.  
  Game Day Activity
We played the open-ended game that is included in the companion packet.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it, but I didn't.  

What did you do in therapy this week?  I'd love for you to link up! Just click on the "add your link" button below and follow the directions.


  1. Love pop the pig! I hope to get my act in gear and link up very soon! Thanks for being patient with people like me!!

  2. Aw thanks for shout out!!! I am using that book this week in therapy! It is one of my faves <3


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