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*HUGE Shout-out to Speech 2 U for linking up last week!*

I'm amazed that it's already Friday! Better than just any Friday, it's the Friday before Spring Break for me!  I went to TRIAD Training in Chattanooga on Tuesday & Wednesday, so it was a short week for me, so I didn't have a 5 Minute Day this week...only "Game Day".

~  Preschool Class:
We had a "hold over" for Dr. Seuss./Read Across America Week since the COTA wasn't able to be at school for our monthly craftivity last week.  I read "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" (by none other than Dr. Seuss), and then we made fishbowls.  Thank you for the idea, Busy Bee Speech!  I used her free fish download, and the COTA made the fishbowls.  For the water, we used paint made from corn syrup and blue food coloring from this blog that Busy Bee Speech linked to in her post.  We took every opportunity to have the kids follow directions and give directions, talk about concepts (big/little, next to, top, bottom, etc.), as well as use their fine motor skills (squeeze the food coloring tube, screw on the top of the food coloring, use paintbrushes, etc.).  I have a feeling there's going to be quite a bit more corn syrup painting in that classroom!

The kids did a great job, too.  Only one of them had a problem with the corn syrup getting on his hands.
~ Walk-in Preschoolers
For my walk-ins, we played "Leprechaun Game", which is part of a pack of 3 St. Patrick's Board Games by Sweet Integrations.  They thought it was great to get 1 or 2 pieces of "gold" (depending on which space they landed on). And, the pack includes 2 game boards for each game:  1 uses less color ink than the other.  (I used the ones with less ink.)
Another one of my walk-ins did a rainbow dauber from DLTK.  I forgot to take a picture of it...we were in a hurry to finish before my next group!  The link to the worksheet I used is here.

~  Kindergarten
Kindergarten classes went on a field trip on Monday, and only 1 of my students didn't go home with his parent.  We worked on following 2 step directions with St. Patrick's Day Direction Following (Lindsey Karol).  This is a great little pack for following directions.  It has 1-step and 2-step directions.  There were some directions that I didn't use, only because we haven't gone over the concept of "row" yet.
~ 1st Grade & Up
For the rest of my kids, we played another game from the St. Patrick's Day Board Games.  They played "Shamrock Bump".  I've never seen a game like this, and the kids LOVED it!  They really liked it when they could "bump" another player off of the cupcake!
After the student does their target, they roll 2 die.  (I have mine in a small container to keep them contained!)  They put their chip on that number.  If someone else already has a chip there, they "bump" them off that cupcake.  Once there are 2 chips of the same color on a cupcake, I told them that it is "eaten", and off limits.  We played until either someone had used up their chips (they start off with 11), or it was time to go.  The person with the most cupcakes "eaten" was the winner.

~  Upper Grade Language
This student didn't return the homework I sent home last week, so we went back over the words that we had circled and talked about last week.  We also answered all of the questions that are on the sheet.  Just to refresh your memory, this is the sheet and the book it came from:

The TRIAD Training was great; just what I needed to re-energize!  Come back on Monday for a post on it!

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