Week in Review: 04/04/2014

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Only 7 more Mondays for me!  (Yes, the countdown is ON!)

I didn't have a 5 Minute Day this week due to Visual Phonics Training.  I had the students' homework ready to give to them on Monday & Tuesday.  For Gameday, we played "April Showers Open Ended Board Game" from Dean Trout.  (FREE!)

 For the dice, I used the "Make Dice" app by hnm.  ($2.99, but I think I snatched it when it went free.)

My preschool students were pulled out this week since I only saw them once.  Using "Dot Language" from Speech Corner,  The students daubed the answer to the question using each answer's function.  They took it home to go over it with their parents.
They also worked on the concepts "on, under" as well as following directions using 
"Scissors, Glue, and Concepts, Too" (Susan Boegler).  Again, they took it home to go over it with their parents.
My Walk-In Preschoolers played "Flying Frogs" (Pressman Toy).  I learned pretty quickly (especially with my older kids) to make sure the game is far enough back so they can't see what color the bottom of the frogs are!  (They're sneaky that way!)

 Friday Walk-In Preschoolers
I'm actually writing this Thursday night, but here's what I have planned for my walk-in preschoolers:
I already have the parts cut out, so they'll put it together after saying the targets, then I'll use Picto4.me to print out pictures of the words they had trouble with, and they'll glue those to the umbrella to take home to work on.  I don't remember where I got the pattern from, so if anybody recognizes it, let me know!


The COTA mentioned that she noticed one of my students does better with her iPad (that she uses for her AAC device) when it is standing straight up, so I put it in front of a book holder that I have and secured it with my therapy notebook:

I had an "AHA" moment this week.  You know those great books from Chapel Hill Snippets?  Does anybody else have trouble keeping the sentence strips and other pictures with the book?
Problem solved!
Before I put the book together, I took a piece of cardstock and cut it in half.  Then, I glued that to another full piece of cardstock to make a pocket.  I put it in back of the book, and put the strips in it!  Hopefully the pockets will hold.  I think next time, I'll laminate the card stock before I bind the book and see how that does.

Here is a sure sign of warm weather:  coats & jackets on the fence in front of the school:

How was your week?  Don't forget to link up with your week's activities!


  1. It looks like you had a busy week! I love your "rainy day" craft! I also use the books from Chapel Hill Snippets (love them!). To keep all of my pictures in one place, I print an extra page of the manipulatives then laminate and bind it altogether. One page gets cut out and velcroed to the other page - I just love Velcro!

  2. Great activities! You had a fun week. I'm an old school speechie, too (30th year). I love reading all the blogs and staying on top of the trends. I haven't used Picto4.me. I'm excited to try it out and more excited it's free.


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