Week in Review 04/25/14

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  5 Minute Day:
We were all about Earth Day on Monday &  Tuesday!  One station used Earth Roll & Cover, which is part of 3 Dinosaurs' Earth Day Learning Pack.  I used my magnetic poms as markers.
For another station, I used "Earth Day" from Super Duper's Holiday & Seasonal Chipper Chat.

  Game Day
I started out using Recycle It:  Irregular Past Tense Verbs (The Speech Chicks...FREE!).  We just didn't pay any attention to the words on the cards.
For this week's homework, I used Earth Day Articulation (Teach Speech 365:  FREE!, as seen in the above picture.  I ended up using the blank page that is included, and writing the words that the student had trouble with.  
On Wed., one of my students asked to play "Funny Bunny".  I usually don't let the students dictate the activity, but I really love playing the game, and seeing the kids play it.  So...out of the closet it came!  I ended up using it for all of Thursday, too.

Because of a meeting, there was no preschool inclusion this week. For the pull-out session, we did some following directions, made a book using the carrier phrase:  "The recycle bin is (color)" (again by 3 Dinosaurs), and did the lifeguard/teacher Cut, Sort, & Glue (Miss Speechie).

My older language student has a hard time with idioms.  I used Spring Time Idioms Activity Pack from The Dabbling Speechie (Another freebie!), and let the student choose whether we played a matching game or Go Fish with the cards.  We ended up playing both of them.

 Other things:
Wednesday was the local Special Olympics.  One of my former students lit the torch; I saw a youtube clip, and he did so great!  Before the kids left for the event, they were greeted in the hallways by every student in the whole school:
On Thursday, my school had a climbing wall brought in for the students who had met their reading challenge.  There were some good times, and some tears.  
One of my students is a huge Tennessee sports fan.  We had a discussion about the new basketball coach, and he hadn't seen this clip yet, so of course I had to put it on the Smartboard:

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  1. Looks like you had a fun week! I will link up tomorrow morning! Have a great weekend!


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