Week in Review 05/09/14

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For inclusion, we read "Flowers Everywhere" by Chapel Hill Snippets.  Following that, the kids colored each page of the emergent reader  Flowers (free from Kathy Nottingham).  After we put the books together, the kids read the book with the carrier phrase "The flower is (color)."

My Walk-in Preschoolers, and my preschoolers working on artic made butterflies from Preposition ButterflyCraft (freebie from Moore News) with just a couple of modifications:
 My language preschoolers completed classroom/pool comparison from Cut, Sort & Glue!  Activities for the Entire Year (Miss Speechie):
 We also worked on spring vocabulary and producing complete sentences as the students "read" the emergent reader "Spring" by Jodi Collins (FREEBIE!) using the carrier phrase "Here is  a _____". 
We used the Smartboard to put the butterflies different places:
 And we answered multiple choice questions about Spring:

When it wasn't their turn, the students cut out target words from Spring Color, Cut, and Glue Articulation Activities (Speech Is Sweet) and glued them around the picture.  They took these home for homework.

We had a day off on Tuesday (Election Day), so for the other game activity, we played the Parts of a Flower Game from Year Round Literature for Language and Artic! by Rochelle Wilson.

Now it's your turn:  What did you do in therapy this week?  Don't forget to link up!

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