The Big Reveal!

A few weeks ago I posted a video of my room. And now...the big reveal!

One thing:  I meant to say "Jenn" instead of "Jenna".  (I knew I'd mess that up and say the wrong name!) 
 Special shout-out to Katie Winfrey for suggesting the calendar outlined with Washi Tape.  The calendar numbers are from 3 Dinosaurs (
Speech Slides and Language Ladders Bulletin Board is a freebie from Sublime Speech.  It is totally awesome of her to keep this free!  In the bag (that I decided to not show you) are  Game Pieces from AliMath (another freebie!).  
I'll write the students' initials with a dry-erase marker so they can tell which game piece is theirs.  
The Speech & Language Banner is from Heather's Speech Therapy.  Instead of punching holes in the individual letters, I hung the letters on black & white polka dot ribbon with these super cute clothespins I found at  Michael's:
They come in different colors; I'm using the black & white ones for my "artic ladder".
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my room.  I changed some things at my mountain school, but I have pretty much the same reinforcements, just in different colors.


  1. Love your room! It is beautiful and looks very organized. I like how you separated it into different sections.

    1. Thank you! We'll see how organized it is mid-year! :)


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