Fall Week in Review

I was excited for this week to come:  the first week of Fall! I adore Fall: cooler weather, crisp air, and football. (I'm Southern...of course I love football!)

5 Minute Day:
For the independent station, the kids used this from Autumn  Worksheet and HW Pack by Lauren LaCour. I glued the trees on the paper, and cut out the leaves ahead of time to save time. This was also their homework activity: The piece of paper I glued the trees on had the instructions for their homework at the top. The students wrote words with their sound in it on the leaves, then glued the leaves on the tree.
To reduce distractions from the kids having questions, I made some quick instructions using picto4.me:
Younger Language:
We read this book:
We re-read the book, attempting to put the animal + the action together.
Then, I got real creative, and made a mini-book using Custom Boards from Smarty Ears. I'm super-excited about making this book...it took me less than 30 minutes!
One of my students worked on following directions using "in, on, under". These cards from The Dabbling Speechie were perfect for that:
Cut, Sort, and Glue! Activities for the Entire Year by Miss Speechie was great for making complete sentences. We worked on answering yes/no questions using Fall Early Language File Folder Activities (also by Miss Speechie!).
I didn't play this game like it should be played: The cards have a sentence and a question about the sentence. Some of the cards have worms; the person that gets that card loses all of his apples. I looked everywhere so that I could give credit for this game, but unfortunately I couldn't find it. If you know, please contact me!

This was a rough week for me: I had a bad case of laryngitis that started last Thursday. I never really felt bad, I just couldn't talk. I pulled out the iPad and used Language Empires, Syntax City, Question It, Idiom Stories, Inference Aceand Articulate It quite a bit to try to save my voice. Is it just me, or does everybody else feel the need to talk a lot when your students are using apps? I'm sure it helped some, though. Probably not the best quality therapy I've ever done, but it is what it is!

My Mountain School does this every year:
Acorns, fruit, and anything else a bear would eat are collected and donated to the Appalachian Bear Rescue, which is just up the road. It just makes my heart happy to see the kids helping the bears out.

I'd love for you to link up by using the linky button below. You can review what you did this past week, or what you're planning on doing next week. All I ask is that you mention my blog when you link up! (We're pretty laid back around here!)

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  1. Sorry you had laryngitis!! I love Custom Boards by Smarty Ears - super easy to do books like that!


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