Pirate Week in Review

I explained Pirate Week to a student and then asked what a pirate says.  His response:  "aaaaah"! Which would explain why he is in speech!
This week, I used a book that I bought in last Spring's Book Fair: Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. What kid doesn't laugh at the word "underpants"? 
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5-Minute Day;
During the "independent station", the students played "Treasure Hunt" (from Pirate Language Activities! by Jenn Alcorn) to see how far they could get. The picture below is actually from a couple of artic groups that I had to see together due to a schedule change on Tues. I had 6 students in 1 group & didn't accomplish anything! Instead of a "5 minute day" with that group, we played the game.

Younger Language:
As luck would have it, Structured Sentence Building (Queen's Speech) has a pirate sheet included! This one is a little different: the student glues the parts on the sheet, then builds the sentences using the carrier phrase:  The pirate needs a _____.
 Since this activity is different and the pictures for the end of the carrier phrase aren't glued onto the picture, I had an "aha" moment. I stacked the pictures together, and then stapled them in the box:

 Perfect for a take-home activity! If you don't have this in your library, and have students who are working on increasing MLU or sentence building, this is a perfect activity. The parents really like it, too!
We also did some following directions with basic concepts using this little book X Marks the Spot (freebie!) from Sped-Ventures.
I ended the week with a free Pirate Craft from Alyssa Plummer.
(This girl insisted on drawing a big nose like the pirate!)
With my language girls, I extended the activity a little by taking pictures of each step and putting it in my Custom Boards App  from Smarty Ears:
This was a spur of the moment activity, and, since I haven't put Boardmaker on my laptop (and I have to have someone do it for me since I don't have the rights to add programs) I used picto4me.  (If you're not familiar with it, I did a post on it a while back.  You can find it here.)

Older Language:
Pirate Inferencing (Part of the Pirate Language Activities! from Jenn Alcorn) is a must for those older elementary students working on inferencing. I used this all week with my older language kids, and paired it on Thursday with our game of the week.

For the students working on irregular plurals, I used this sheet from "Speech is Fun".  The sheet is from the companion book There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books (from Speech is Sweet), but it works for what I'm using it for! I cut out the folders/rulers, and the student matched the folders with the correct rulers, then glued it beside the lines:

This particular student's homework is to write a sentence using the irregular plural word.
(The following pictures are from the TpT site, since I didn't take pictures of these!)
My artic kids who are working on the word & sentence levels took home Talk Like a Pirate, Color & Say  (free from Tech & Talk SLP's). The sounds are divided by position, and there is a sheet for the boy pirate and the girl pirate. I didn't have the students color the pictures.

Talk Like a Pirate, Color & Say - R, S, L
For those students who are on the isolation level (or working on /k,g/), I used another freebie, Pirate Treasure: Open Ended Articulation Homework by 1sparklleslp.
Pirate Treasure:  Open Ended Articulation Homework
I wrote in words from our book of the week that had the student's sound, and at the bottom added "After your helper reads each word, tell her where the (sound) is." For my student who is working on /k,g/, I wrote in words from the story.

Game of the week:
This should come as no surprise. At least, it didn't to one of my groups! I had a student say, "I knew we were going to play this game!" It was a perfect way to end "Pirate Week":

I hope I've given you some ideas and resources for next year's celebration of "Talk Like a Pirate Day/Week"! Link up with what you did last week, or what you're planning for this week!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I totally need that pirate pop up game! I am simply AMAZED at all the individualized plans you have each week. Incredible!

  2. Great ideas and links. You certainly were busy!!


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