Week in Review: Old Lady...Books Week!

Wow. Where did last week go? Here it is, the beginning of a new week, and I need to review what I did last week!
5 Minute Day:
The students looked through cards with their target sound, picked 6, and drew those on the sheet, courtesy of The Dabbling Speechie. The student took this home for homework.

On Monday, two of my students did a farm activity. I pulled out a Barney book I have. We read it, then they decided which picture went with each farm animal. (Farm Animal Sorting Map by Julia Crowe...another freebie!) 
Following that activity, I used an activity out of Queen's Speech's Structured Sentence Building to work on making complete sentences.

A couple of my students are working on inferencing and context clues, so I had them read a paragraph and we highlighted the key words so they could determine who was the narrator. (www.havefunteaching.com)
 Keeping with the same target, I used Teach Speech 365's When is Your Birthday (Back to School Freebie!) The student read the clue, told me the the clues, and the answer.

Since it was I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books (Lucille Colandro) Week, I read the story,  the student glued the pictures on the Old Lady's belly in order, and then, depending on what the student was working on, they either named the items, or retold the story. They took this home for homework. I got this (another freebie!) from Figuratively Speeching SLP. I took each part of the Old Lady, reduced it, typed instructions on the top, and Voila! Instant homework sheet for my language students!

Of course we had to feed the Old Lady the items and sequence the story first:
The Open-ended game from Crazy Speech World's Book Companion was played with some of my students.
And, a few of my students finished the mini-book from the same book companion & worked on the carrier phrase, She swallowed a _____
This week is Pirate Week in my room!  I have a new book to share with the kids (which they are going to love!), so I'm pretty excited about the activities I have planned for them!

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