Week in Review for 10/03/14

Things were a little "off" this week. Next week is Fall Break (9 weeks gone already!), and there were programs going on and field trips taken.


5-Minute Day:
I absolutely love All Y'all Need's Write and Say the Room cards. It gets the kids up and moving around for at least 5 minutes. This week, I used the Autumn Write and Say the Word. I stuck the cards up all over my room, and the kids walked around and found the words that had their sound. For the language students, they wrote down any of the words they wanted, then we talked about what that word had to do with Fall. An added plus: their homework for after we get back from break is all ready to go!

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Instead of having my Kindergarten students write words on their sheet, they pulled pictures out of their letter box and glued them on an outline of a leaf. As they pulled them out, they said that word. (Their homework is all ready to go, too!)
With my artic kids that are individual (only because of their schedule or if their other group member was absent), I used this from Autumn Worksheet and HW Pack (Lauren LeCour) as a game:

For the last half of the week, we played Touchdown by Megan Exner.

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Younger Language:
Since my younger language students were having a difficult time with putting the noun + verb together, I continued with When the Leaf Blew In (Steve Metzger) from last week. I used the same activities, and was able to expand the yes/no activity from Fall Early Language File Folder Activities (Miss Speechie). 
I was even able to slip in another activity on Wed.

Categorizing, identifying colors, vocabulary, and using complete sentences were all worked on with this little activity.
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Older Language:
My older kids worked on using context clues to determine when each event happened.
One of my kids also worked on inferencing through sequencing using S'Mores 3-Step Sequencing by Denise Polley.

S'mores 3-step Sequencing

And, because I got to my T/Th school without an activity for my walk-in preschooler, I pulled something off of DTLK & she did a dauber sunflower.

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Going on around school:

Just in case you don't follow me on Instagram (@tnslp), here's a sweet little joey I met at my mountain school on Tuesday:
He was seriously the sweetest little joey I've ever met! 

One of my students showed me this word and asked if I could say it:
Yep, it's all one word! 
What's happening in your part of the world?
And, because I'm a sucker for Linky Parties, I'm also joining in Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday.

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  1. Yep, sucker for linky parties too! Love your week in review. Every time I read I get closer and closer to starting a 5 minute day (or at least a couple of groups)! Thanks for your inspiration!


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