App Review: Splingo

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Are you looking for an app that adds some fun to working on following directions? This is your app. The Speech and Language Store developed this app that includes  aliens and spaceships. The student's mission is to get the aliens back home.
After you open the app, the following screen is displayed:
Quick Start brings you to this screen so that you can choose the level:
Customise takes you to this screen so you can mix the levels up if you wish:
You can also save the games and revisit at a later session.
In each round, 3 tasks are completed.
Level 1:
 Level 4:
Then the student does the following:
1st round: put the spaceship together
2nd round: give the spaceship fuel
3rd round: give alien friends a ride
4th round: give the friends snacks
5th round: give the friends something to do
After the 5th round, the student has to answer 3 items correctly in a row.
Splingo is one of the first apps I put on my iPad. Since then, the updates have definitely made it better. When it first came out, the voice was British; you didn't get a choice. My little southern students had no idea what was being said at times, so I often had to repeat them.
This app is ideal for preschool to early elementary students. The only downside I found to this app is that it doesn't take data.
Splingo is available for purchase through iTunes here ($2.99), as well as Google Play here ($3.05) and Amazon here ($2.99).

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