Modifications to My Reward System

This year, I put away the sticker charts and tried something different after umpteen years. I am currently using Speech Slides & Language Ladders (Sublime Speech):
At the beginning of the year, the students rolled 1 die at the end of the session, as long as procedures were followed. If their speech folder was returned with a helper's signature, they earned an extra roll. After Fall Break, I added another die to speed things along (so the student rolled 2 dice at the end of the session, and another 2 if their folder was signed). It was taking them forever to earn a trip to the prize box. 
As the new year gets started, I've decided to take the slides off. I just think it's too disheartening for a student to be so excited about moving his/her game piece, only to have to slide down. It just breaks my heart when that happens! I'll try this for a while, and then decide if I want to add more ladders.
How are you planning on modifying your reward system?

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