App Review: Speech With Milo Sequencing

The following is an app review. The views are my own. I received no compensation for expressing my opinions.  Links (in dark red) are provided for your convenience. Want to see larger pictures? Just click on one and scroll through!

I have used Speech With Milo: Sequencing (Doonan Speech Therapy) for a few years.  This app allows the child to put 3 items in the correct sequence, then has a "movie" option so that the child can see all three items in action.

Appreciated Features:
 The instructions are included in the app, so you can refer to them when you need them.

The sequences can be tailored to your student, and can be shown randomly. The ability to only use those sequences that are applicable to your student is greatly appreciated.

The student slides the pictures into their correct sequence. Touching "Phrase" (in the bottom left of the screen) will introduce the sequence. In this sequence, the phrase is Milo and Melvin are playing baseball.

For correct answers, you have the option to hear clapping; for incorrect answers, the option is a "bomp". There is background music that can be turned on or off.  The spoken (in the "movie" section) and written words (at the bottom of the above screen) explaining the  main idea of the sequence can be turned on or off.
 Following the correct sequence, touching "Play" will show a "movie" showing the sequence.

What I would like to see:
The ability to turn off the "ta-da" at the end of the "movie sequence".
Also, it would be great if you could turn off the "Take a Break" feature that occurs after 10 sequences.
Data. When I use this, I take the data on my labels. It would be great if the app would take the data for me so I could transfer the results to the label. 
I had a student in the past who would randomly put a picture in any of the blank spaces. For instance, she would not put the pictures in the correct space in order. She might start with #2 or #3. An option to prevent this would be ideal.

Additional Comments:
The app does not "talk the child through" each step. To me, that allows the SLP to interact with the student while working on the many skills that can be targeted through this app. It also allows the SLP to individualize the app to each student's needs.

How I plan to use the app:
 I use this during my 5 minute days during their independent time with students who have sequencing as a target.
The following skills can be targeted with this app:
story telling or recall
wh questions
increasing mean length of utterance
first, next, last

Speech with Milo: Sequencing is available for purchase for $2.99 To view in iTunes, click here.

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