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This is really kind of funny, because I was actually thinking of writing a post on my new and improved (I think hope!) storage system for all of my TpT Materials, and then I see this post that includes a linky party! YAY!!!
I had been storing everything in binders...big binders. One binder/month grew into 2, and they were both bulging at the seams. Jenna (Speech Room News) threw out the question on FB about how everybody stored their stuff , and then I started re-thinking what I was doing. And, I stole her idea about putting things in gallon-sized storage bags. It took me a few days of rearranging, but here is my final product:
I bought the bins from the Dollar Tree, slapped some labels on them, and organized them by month. I also have one for each season we're in school, and separate bins for artic & language. I left my open-ended game boards and any print 'n go monthly activities in binders.  And, I have a binder for craftivities, and one for emergent readers.
For my cards, I'm still using this system:
Inside the case are 8 smaller cases:
I snag these when they're on sale at Michael's, and then I also use my teacher discount. I didn't come up with this idea; I'm not sure where I saw it, so if it was you:  THANK  YOU!

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  1. I can't get enough ideas for storage! Love how those bins look! Hope it works for you!!


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