Quick Tip Tuesday #10

 Kim is hosting "Quick Tip Tuesday". (Disclaimer: I'm not sure if Kim is back posting Quick Tips, but I'm forging ahead!) Posts that are short, sweet, and to the point...what could be better?
I absolutely love the free books from Chapel Hill Snippets. Even though she's now a seller on TpT, she still has a bunch of free printables. When I first started using her materials, I had trouble figuring out how to keep the cards and sentence strips with the books. Then I had a "aha" moment:
I take a piece of cardstock and cut it in half. Then, I glue the half sheet to a whole sheet to create a pocket. I then attach that sheet to the end of the book, and...there it is!

Please visit Kim and see what other great quick tips SLPs are using in their everyday life!

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