Getting to Know Your Favorite Online SLPs

When I saw that the fabulous Natalie Snyders was hosting this linky party, I had to jump on board!  Natalie is such an inspiration, and a huge supporter for those of us just getting started in the TpT world!
Who Am I?
I have been an SLP for almost 31 years; 2 of those years were in a SNF, the rest have been in the schools.
On the personal side: I am a mom of 3 boys (now men); I'm learning to enjoy being an (almost) empty-nester. My husband & I try to camp at least once a month with our little trailer. 
I have actually been a blogger since 2010 with my personal blog. I started this blog in August of 2013. I just opened up my TpT shop in March, so I'm a definite newbie!

What do I Offer?
I have made/am making products to use in my own therapy room, and decided to put them up and see if they will be helpful for someone else. I rarely buy anything over $5, so I am going to try to keep the prices under that amount. So far, I have a couple of book companions, as well as some "odds and ends". I love using "team games" in my room, so I have some of those, too.  The kids really enjoy working as a team to see if they can win.
You can find my store by clicking here.

My Dream Job
At the risk of sounding really hokey, I have to say that I have my dream job right now. And, it only took me 20 years to find it! Seriously, though...I am in a dream job. While I have a caseload of 60, I see a little more than half of those students. The rest of the students are TennCare (Medicaid) students who are seen by a contract company. No Medicaid billing for me! The company evals and treats; we do the school paperwork and meetings. And, the paperwork consists of copying what they've written and transferring it to our IEP.
I have a variety of students on my caseload: 4 years old to 5th graders; artic, language, fluency, voice, autism, Intellectually Disabled, Developmentally Delayed. The perfect caseload!

3 of my Favorite Things
My family, my flute, and my little girls.

Who else should you know?
This was a tough one! So many many good products out there! Sparklle SLP is just amazing. With a TpT quote, "Never let anyone dull your sparkle!", how can you go wrong?
Click on the picture to view one of many quality freebies available: 
Superhero Barrier Activity & Craftivity
Get to know some of your favorite (or soon to be favorite!) online SLPs by checking out Natalie's post here!


  1. I love your camper! Would love to go glamping one day!

    1. Thanks!!! We really enjoy it...big enough for just the 2 of us! :)

  2. HI! I love your pups! I have a boston terrier that is my best bud! I hope to own a camper when my 3 boys are gone! I love to travel and I was born in the mountains!

  3. Fun! I play the flute too! Haven't played in awhile, but my husband and I love orchestra music.

  4. I am happy to report I knew the answers to most of your questions. That made me happy!!

  5. No MediCaid! I'm a LITTLE (okay a lot) jealous! Cute pups!

  6. Nice to meet you! Love the name of your blog :)


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