Natural Progression of Reducing Visual Cues

When learning a skill, some children need as many visual cues as you can give them. Below, I will demonstrate how I reduce visual  cues for a student (non-reader) who is working on producing complete sentences answering the question "What can you do in the Spring?". The clues are pictorial; however, the same sequence would be applicable when using signs.
I am using Spring Interactive Books ($4.00 for a bundle of 3) from Speech Universe. I've also used the same progression with Emergent Readers.

1. Max  Cues
As you can see, I put together a sentence using Smarty Symbols (sometimes I'll use Lessonpix) so that the student will know how to answer the question "What can you do in the Spring?" with a complete sentence. To begin with, I put the verb in the sentence; after a week or two, the student will choose the correct verb.

2. Reducing Cues
I take away the latter part of the sentence, and place "I can" above the book. I put the verb on the book, next to the object.

3. Reducing Cues Even Further
The "I can" is taken away, leaving only the verb and the object.

4. No Visual Cues
And, there you have the student answering the question in a complete sentence without any visual cues!

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