There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog!

Last week I thought I was joining Speech is Sweet, but she didn't do her linky. Oh, well! Hopefully I'll be able to join in this week; if not, I'm linking up on my own!
I was really excited to use this book in therapy:
I bought it during one of the Book Fairs at school. As with all of the Old Lady books, there's plenty of sequencing and inferencing. Articulation is another target that is always great for these books. Categorization? Also covered, as well as associating the object swallowed with why she swallowed it. AND describing. I'm sure I've forgotten a few things, too! 
Come back on Friday for my Week in Review to see all of the things we did in my speech room that are centered around the book.


  1. I don't have this one yet and I really NEED it!!

  2. Thank you for keeping Wild About Books Wednesday alive during my little break! I bought this book as soon as it came out, but I still haven't used it with my kids! Love this series! :)


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