Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nugget & Fang: Friends Forever or Snack Time

I ran across this book at the school's book fair a while ago. It was such a sweet book that I had to snatch it up! Nugget is a minnow; Fang is a shark. They're friends, and they play together in the ocean...until it's time for Nugget to go to school. There, he is taught that sharks are not friends to minnows, and should be feared. Fang is heartbroken, and does his best to teach the minnows that he's not like that, and is worthy of being their friend. When the minnows get trapped in a net, Fang comes to the rescue, and the minnows see that he's not what they have been taught.

I just happen to have a companion packet that goes along with the book. There's a little bit of something for everyone:
comprehension cards:
 a team game:

and a competitive game:


 following directions in black-line as well as color:


 and homework:

 There's even a sentence strip to help students answer the question "What swims in the ocean?"!

I have this for sale in my TpT Store as well as my Teacher's Notebook & Speechtivities Shop.
There just happens to be a sale going on! Today is the last day for the TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale; the Teacher's Notebook Sale runs through 08 May.

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