What's In Your Cart?

On the cusp of the TpT sale that is happening Monday & Tuesday (get an extra 28% off by using the promocode: ThankYou), Jenna is hosting the new What's in Your Cart Linky Party.  This is my first time as a seller!!!
Nugget & Fang is such a sweet little book about a shark and a minnow who are friends...but shouldn't be. I made a packet to go along with this book that can be used with almost everyone on your caseload:
My kids absolutely love cooperative games! They work as a team, so instead of having a winner/loser, everyone wins...or loses. When I asked my Kinders which game in this packet was their favorite, a couple of them just couldn't pick and said, "All of them!" This packet includes 3 different cooperative games. If you downloaded my Help the Aliens Get Home (a free team game), the concept is the same but the games are different. I hope to eventually add more games to this bundle.

Now for what I have in my cart:
Summer Interactive Books 
I really like Speech Universe's Interactive Books, but more importantly, my students really like them! Their eyes just light up when I pull one out. Since the kids start back to school in what's technically the middle of summer (the first Monday in Aug.), this will be perfect for those first few weeks of therapy.

Dragons Love Tacos: Speech and Language Book Companion

  I have a confession: I bought the book because I've had my eye on this companion from School SLP for quite a while. 

That's all I've got so far, but I'm sure after visiting others I'll have several more things to include! What about you? What's in your cart?

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  1. I don't know Nugget and Fang! I may have to get the book because I have my eye on a companion by Old School Speech! :)

  2. awwwwwwwe, thanks for putting my Dragon's Love Taco's Book Companion in your cart! I am using it right now with some students! (My WHOLE store will be 28% off for the sale!)




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