Monday, May 18, 2015

Why I Joined my State Organization

I've been back in Tennessee for 11 years, yet this is my first year to actually be a member of TAASLP, Tennessee Association of Audiologists and Speech Pathologists. My previous state's organization was very active in the area of public schools. School-based SLPs held offices, chaired committees, and served on committees. They have great state conventions with many sessions specific to our setting.
To be perfectly honest, I haven't heard a lot of good tings about TAASLP, specifically for those of us in the schools. And I decided things need to change.
I have to credit Annie Doyle for lighting a fire under me. She's the President-Elect of her state organization. I have no desire to fill that role in my state, but I thought I could start by having some say in getting quality speakers for the convention that school SLPs are actually interested in. We're the ones in the schools; we're the ones who know what's really going in our setting, not the professors in the universities. We're the ones who know what the trends are, what areas we want/need to improve, and where we're headed. When it comes to the schools, we are the experts; we are the reality.
My main reason for joining TAASLP is to get more school SLPs involved...and to help educate those professors & clinical supervisors understand exactly what we do; not what they think we do.

I'm linking up with Speech2U...see why others joined their state organization!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I think it is great when people get involved-and I hope you get some great speakers that come to your convention! Jill Kuzma is awesome if you can get her!

  2. I'm woefully behind in my blog reading, so I just saw this! We recently spent a full day of strategic planning with Susan Adams of ASHA and have an extremely comprehensive plan for getting our state association moving! I recommend the process highly!


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