Dare to Dream: TPT Seller Challenge Week 2

These fabulous ladies are hosting the 4 week long TPT Seller Challenge:
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This week is all about your dreams: what you hope to achieve through your TPT business.
Before I reveal mine, I have to let you know that I'm not in it to make a lot of money. (My husband has said that I'm exceeding my expectations!) I make materials that I can use during my therapy sessions; if someone else can get some use out of it, then that's great! A couple of products in my store are a direct result of a purchase that I made, then realizing I need something to supplement that purchase.
That being said, here are my dreams:

~ Retire in 10 years: I'm getting ready to start my 32nd year as an SLP and my 30th in the school setting. If I had stayed in the same state, I would have just retired, or be getting ready to retire very soon. I've said that as long as the kids make me laugh, I'll keep chugging along. Well, I'm still laughing!

~ The whole "Keys & Copenhagen" thing is such a HUGE dream! I never thought I would want to live in Florida, but after spending the past 3 New Year's in The Keys, I'm rethinking that! As far as Copenhagen: My MIL is from there, and I've had the good fortune to visit my husband's uncle twice within the past 10 years.  With The Keys in the winter & Copenhagen (my happy place!) in the summer, I'll never be too hot or too cold.

~ We have a very small camper that is just perfect for us. There are so many things to see in the U.S.A.; I'd like to just hit the road and see everything!

Emily said to dream big!!!  


  1. I've always thought that living on an island would be amazing! I hope that happens for you! I've been all over the world, but have not seen much of the US. That would be fun to road trip around. Great dreams!

  2. The Keys are amazing! It doesn't really feel like Florida so much as another country! Your retirement plans sound perfect : )

    The Sassy Sub

  3. These are fantastic dreams! Good luck with all of them.

  4. I think your goals sound amazing! Traveling the country is something I'd love to do someday too. I hope you meet your goals sooner than later. :)


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