Joining the Frenzied SLPs to Talk About Data + a Freebie!

This month the Frenzied SLPs have invited us to talk about Data Collection.
Data collection. Some of us are more diligent about it than others. Me? I take data a lot. Probably too much. But, being a visual person, I have to see that chart that shows the kids how they're doing.
I'm pretty much a no-frills kind of person when it comes to data collection.  By that I mean that I don't use Data Tracker Pro on a regular basis...I only use it for Quick Speech because we were told we had to, but then at the end of the year we were told we didn't have to. In my 30+ years, I've tried all sorts of forms, but I felt like all I was doing was shuffling papers. Then I met an SLP (If you're reading this, Traci- - - HI!) who showed me labels. And my data collecting became so much easier.  This video is from a previous post, but it explains how I use labels for data collecting:
For students working on articulation, I use the graph above (from Super Duper) so that they will be accountable for their progress.
Since I write my criteria for my artic kids in terms of how many missed words they are allowed  in a 5 minute conversation sample, I needed a different kind of graph.
Now those students who are in the carry-over phase can monitor how well they did that therapy session. If you can use it, please click on the chart to be taken to a google docs where you can download it. For some reason, if you open it in Google Docs it doesn't all fit on the page, so download it to Word!
Want to see if something else would work better for you? Visit a Frenzied SLP and you'll find a whole "slew" of 'em!


  1. Great explanation. I'm glad you included the video (plus I got to hear your sweet southern voice). What I like about the label system is I wouldn't have to pull data sheets daily and switch between sheets during group therapy. I may add the labels to my repertoire!

  2. Definitely have to include the labels in my bag of data tricks!

  3. Labels everywhere! I love that idea but I hate printing on labels because they always seem to come out uneven :( Me and printers never have got along.

    1. I don't print on them; I just write what we're working on that day. For example, I may write: /r/ wds w/ mod

  4. I love the idea of a 5 minute conversation sample!! So much more time efficient than a great big session or classroom observation! Thanks for that simple of genius tip!

  5. GREAT ideas Mary!! I think I'll spend the rest of my career figuring out which method I like best..... :)


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