Fall-Themed Articulation Ideas from Some Frenzied SLPs

I'm joining some awesome, although frenzied, SLPs to discuss ideas for Fall-Themed Articulation Ideas. Check out The Frenzied SLPs on our Facebook page. Linkups start at Doyle Speech Works.
The bulk of my caseload is artic, so I have plenty of materials to pull from.
This activity is from Crazy Speech World. It's such a simple activity, but my kids had a blast making these pumpkins last year:
She explains it in this post.
For Thanksgiving, my kids absolutely LOVE this game, Dessert Fun (Listening for Articulation All Year Round- Brenda Brumbough). I put the pie pieces in 4 different groups (1 piece of each pie in each group); the first one to find all 4 of their pieces of pie was the winner. It gets them up and moving around.

I have to do a shameless plug for my Fall 3 in 1 Games. Included are 3 (duh!) games: 1 for fall in general (get the farmer to the scarecrow before the crow gets there), 
 1 for Halloween (get the treatbag to the haunted house before it falls on the road), 
and 1 for Thanksgiving (save the turkey by putting the turkey together before dinner is ready). 
My kids love team games & constantly ask if we're going to play 1. Since they're playing as a team, everyone wins or loses. The student says their target 3-5 times, then chooses a card. The directions are followed to try to win the game.

For more ideas, click on the SLP Blogs below. If you have ideas to share, join us by linking your blog/facebook post below! 
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  1. Great minds think alike, Mary! I referred to the Listening for____ All Year 'Round in my post, too! Great ideas! Thank you!

  2. Fun activities! Makes me want the young kids back again.

  3. I guess identifying myself as a user of Brennan bear puts me in a category of veteran SLPs...if you read Annie's post too! No shameless plugs, all good stuff! Thanks for sharing your experience:)

  4. Love the games! That's the first thing I hear too when my students walk in the room.

  5. Mary,
    I like your fall three in one activities. I enjoy games/activities that have a purpose or goal for the kids (like your "get the treat bag to the haunted house before it falls" game). They really get the kids motivated and that often means more opportunities for more productions! Great post..pie game looks fun too!
    Badger State Speechy


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