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If you haven't heard about the SLP Materials Club, get over to the Facebook Page and sign up! Each week, you'll meet an SLP who is a TpT Seller. You'll have a chance to score some free products, and might even be able to win something! 
I have the honor of being the Featured Seller for this week. My TpT Store (Old School Speech) has only been opened for almost a year. I've learned a lot about copyright, powerpoint, and even about myself. When I opened my store, I promised myself that I wouldn't price any single item over $5. I usually don't buy things over that amount, because when you consider the ink, cardstock, and laminating supplies, it is very easy to spend a small fortune! 
To help you out a little, you have the opportunity to win a $10 Gift Card to TpT by entering below.
Additionally, I have one of my paid products that is yours for the taking (that means free!)...but this is exclusively for members. All you have to do is "Like" SLP Materials Club on Facebook by 12:00 a.m. Sunday, March 4th!

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Beat the Winter Blues with the Frenzied SLPs!

It's mid-February, a lot of people are tired of winter and just want Spring to come on, already! Here in East Tn. it's been a pretty mild winter. We've had a few "snow days" and a couple of delayed openings, but nothing too serious.
Is there something you've been eyeing on TpT but couldn't justify buying because it was over your allotted budget? Or, are there a lot of little things you're interested in? Well, the Frenzied SLPs are here to help you beat the winter blues! In lieu of a linky, we're having a IG Hop. Just start here, touch the picture to see who was tagged, touch the name, and continue through the loop until you get back to tnslp (that would be me). 
Good luck!

App Review: Idioms by Grade

The following is an app review. The views are my own. I received this app without cost  for expressing my opinions.  Links (in dark red) are provided for your convenience. Want to see larger pictures? Just click on one and scroll through!

This app consists of 10 idioms within each grade level. Grade levels include Kindergarten through 8th Grade, with 7th & 8th grades combined.
The idioms are listed, so the SLP can choose what idiom(s) to target. Once the idiom is chosen, a new screen will come up.
This screen allows the SLP/student to read the idiom being used in context, as well as a definition of the idiom. By clicking on the speaker at the bottom of the screen, the idiom, as well as how it can be used in context, is read to the student.

What I would like to see:
More idioms!
The option to view pictures to depict the idioms

Additional Comments:
When I first opened the app, I was a bit disappointed; however, upon using it I found it could have great value. You are restricted by only having 10 idioms per grade level.
At $2.99, the price seems a little high; however, the website states that this is only a "first build" and implies that it will expand. Also, on the website, you can request a code for a free long as 60 codes haven't already been given out.

How I used the app:
With a 4th grader, a student & I role-played the context in which the idiom was used. He read the definition, then was asked to use the idiom in a sentence. This proved to be more difficult for him that I thought it would be. Another idea would be to have your student use GoldCountry SLP’s Draw to Learn Idioms, which is exactly what I am planning on doing next time I use this app.

     Idioms by Grade is available for purchase for $2.99. To view in iTunes, click here.

Love Hurts: Frenzied SLP Linky

Thanks to Maria from Communication Station, Laura from All Y'all Need, and Sparklle SLP for hosting the linky! You can keep up with The Frenzied SLPs by liking our Facebook Page.

Our assignment this time is to write about a time when we've been "injured" during therapy. I've been scratched, pinched, and hit more times than I care to remember. I have to admit, part of the time it was my own fault: I pushed too far, harder than I should have. I knew the student's breaking point, but I ignored it. Other times, he was just so frustrated because he knew what he wanted, but he didn't have the communication skills to tell me. And that's why they hurt us.

I had a student, many moons ago, who has autism and is nonverbal. I started seeing him when he was 9. Nine years old.  This student was 9 years old and didn't have any way to communicate. None at all. So we started at the beginning. He picked up on PECS pretty quickly, but not without being frustrated enough to reach out and give me a pinch...a wake up call, if you will. Just a reminder when I needed it that, "Hey, this is new to me, and I want it NOW." As well as, "You know what I want, so why don't you give it to me ?"

I remember one time, while walking him back to his room, he had a "meltdown" of sorts. He went after me, but I had it under control in a heartbeat. The office workers came out and asked if I needed help. I had to laugh at them and tell them I had it under control. It was amazing to me that they didn't realize how often SLPs deal with that. And, I have to be honest, if you haven't experienced it, you should. It's a very humbling experience, and it makes you realize just how much you can learn from this student.

So, if you have a student who has "aggressive tendencies", don't be afraid. Make sure you have the training you need to restrain him if needed (and make sure restraining, if necessary,  is in the IEP). Most importantly, remember why they're frustrated and how you can help. I like having students like this...not only is it quite the challenge, but so very rewarding when you can decrease the behaviors by giving him communication!

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