Things an SLP Should Always Say: {A Frenzied SLP Linky}

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed Things SLPs Should Never Say. We're following that up by discussing things we should say. Thanks again to Doyle Speech Works, Sparklle SLP, and All Y'all Need for being such fantastic hosts this month!
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1. I love your child. Every parent wants to hear that. But, don't say it unless you mean it. And, if you don't mean it, maybe it's time to look for a different setting.

2. Hello. Seriously. Some grown-ups don't even say hello to students, much less ask them how their day is going or how their weekend was. Take time to talk to your students. So what if something takes up some of your therapy time? You may just find that there's a teaching moment within the conversation.

3. During meetings, be positive. Even with those tough kids, find something positive to say. Put yourself in the parents' shoes. Would you want to hear only bad things about your child?

4. Any words of encouragement. We all have those /r/ kids who just aren't getting it. Sometimes we work on just getting an /r/ in isolation for more than a year, and everybody starts getting discouraged. Even words of encouragement such as "almost" or "that was a little bit better" may give them the encouragement to continue and not give up.

What words of encouragement do you use with your students/parents? If you're an SLP blogger, we'd love to have you link up! If you're not a blogger, a Facebook post will work! Just click below, complete the information, and you're IN!


  1. HELLO!!! Some of my colleagues don't even respond! Something as simple as a greeting or even a smile can change the whole tone of a meeting (or a day)!

  2. I have seen so much benefit from having conversation time as part of my therapy sessions, whether or not it is on the IEP! My students' skills have grown with their peers and I have loved making that personal connection with my students. Great reminder to us!

  3. Be positive and offer encouragement! Two things that can be so powerful! Thank for this post.

  4. I love your child - so powerful! It's so important to be working toward the same goal at meetings.


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