Yes No Barn: An App Review

The following is an app review. The views are my own. I received no compensation for expressing my opinions.  Links (in blue) are provided for your convenience. Want to see larger pictures? Just click on one and scroll through!
As soon as I saw this app from SmartyEars, I had to have it. I knew it would be perfect for my students who have difficulty with answering yes/no questions.

Appreciated Features:

Choices of types of questions presented, as well as whether to display text, play audio, audio feedback, and audio instructions can be turned on or off.
Language selection: English, Portuguese, or Spanish.
Report Card: Breaks down the types of questions and provides an overall accuracy.
As with all Smarty Ears Apps, you have the ability to share the results.
Yes No Barn gives the SLP the opportunity to determine if the variable answer is correct.

Multiple students can work on the app at the same time. The numbers in the stars indicate how many answers each student has answered correctly.

What I would like to see:
The Yes and No seem to be backwards to me. “Yes” is usually on the left and “No” is usually on the right.

During variable answers, if the student answered the question correctly and you touch “yes”, you will hear the spoken word. I would think that would be a little confusing the student, who would hear “yes” if the answer to the question is “no”. It would be nice if only the written word was available.
Additional Comments:
The good graphics go without saying. This is a Smarty Ears App, after all!

There are some questions that ask if both pictures have/are something, but only 1 picture is shown. Hopefully Smarty Ears will have an update soon to remedy this.
How I plan to use the app:

As previously stated, I use this app with my students who have difficulty answering yes/no questions.

Instead of having the student touch yes/no, I have him verbalize the answer, then show them which word to touch (See the first comment under “What I would like to see”.)

Yes No Barn is available for purchase for $5.99.  To view in iTunes, click here.

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