Summer TV Suggestions

Last week, I gave suggestions for summer reading. I'm back with some suggestions for tv shows. These aren't specifically for SLP, in fact, none of them have to do with Speech Pathology. We have to get away from the field at times to stay fresh! All of these recommendations are a result of my Netflix binge-watching. 

1) Grace & Frankie. I just love Lily Tomlin in her role as Frankie! Grace & Frankie are married to Robert & Sol. Both couples share a beach house, and the men are work partners. The men decide to come clean and let the women know that they are romantically involved. Sam Waterston & Martin Sheen aren't believable as a gay couple, but this is one funny show!

2) The Ranch. A friend gave me this recommendation, although her daughter said it was pretty cheezy. Ashton Kutcher (Colt) and Danny Masterson (Rooster) are brothers. Colt is a washed up quarterback who didn't quite make it in the pros. He comes back to the ranch to help run the family business. If you can get past the hokie laugh track, you'll like it. There is some foul language, so fair warning on that! Sam Elliott is still one of my favorite actors. Debra Winger rounds out the family as the boys' mom and Sam Elliott's wife.

3) Bloodline. This show intrigued me because it takes place in The Keys (Islamorada). One thing after another happens and cover-up after cover-up occur. Kyle Chandler is one of my favorite actors, but it was hard to watch him as John, who is a detective on the police force. Well worth the watch, though!

4) Longmire. Oh.My. If you haven't watched this show, I would watch it right away! Robert Taylor is right up there with Sam Elliott...they don't make men like that any more! Longmire is a sheriff in Wyoming; an Indian reservation is in part of his county. Lou Diamond Phillips stars as Longmire's best friend. 

Let's talk British shows (and they're both police shows):

5) River. This may freak you out a bit, because he talks to dead people. They don't help him solve murders, but they do egg him on a bit until he figures it out.

6) Luther. He's an "on the edge" detective trying to solve crimes while dealing with his personal life. 

7) Peaky Blinders. One of my sons recommended this show to me a few years ago, but I just got around to watching it this summer. The Peaky Blinders was an Irish/Gypsy gang in Birmingham, England around 1919. Once I started watching I couldn't stop until I had watched all of them. Just fascinating.

I watched this before this summer, but it's worth mentioning: Broadchurch. A child dies (which tore my heart out) in a small town, there's a media frenzy, and the citizens turn against each other as Alec & Ellie work to solve this murder. 

Have you watched any of these shows? Do you have any other recommendations?

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