It's That Time Again!

Time for another TpT Sitewide Sale to bring savings of 28% off of your entire purchase! I was busy in June finishing up a few things so I could bundle them.
(To be taken to each product, click on the picture.)
Speech/Language Slides Bundle
I love to use these slides for homework! My kids put them together, say the words that are on their slide, color and/or decorate them, and then take them home to work on them. 
On/Off Topic BUNDLE
I've taken my best sellers and bundled them together, so you have all of them together for the whole year!
Team Games Seasonal Bundle
Finally, I've bundled all of my team games together. My kids love when we play team games! Even when I have individual therapy, they love to play them! Check them out!
Now, for things that look awesome:
Organizers for Speech Therapy
If you need some help getting organized this year, Annie has just what you need!
Summer Vacation for Speech & Language Therapy - Younger El
Need something for those younger kids or for inclusion students? Click on the picture above and you'll have just what you need!
Camp In Speech and Language Themed Therapy Pack for Mixed Groups
I'm all about camping and this product is perfect for a camping theme with all of my students!
Take Out Topics for Articulation Carryover - Vocalic R
This is going to be PERFECT for working with those students who have one foot out of speech but just aren't quite ready to be cut loose!
Articulation Dot Art ~ Ocean Edition! {all sounds & NO prep}
This Dot Art will be perfect for the first couple of sessions for this school year. No prep, and the graphics are adorable!

Have a good time shopping, and don't forget to leave feedback on your purchases for additional savings on your next order!

Guest Post with The Speech Bubble

When Maureen from The Speech Bubble put out a call for SLP bloggers to help her out while she's doting on her baby boy, I jumped in. As a mom of 3 boys who are new men, I can't imagine taking care of them, running a TpT store, and keeping up with a blog! I don't know how some of you younger ladies do it all! 
Anyway, I told Maureen I think I was a little ambitious when I signed up to have my post to her on the 18th. My husband, youngest son, and I just returned from a 2-week camping vacation in South Dakota & Colorado (Steamboat Springs area). So, I submitted a repost of one of my posts. I hope you find it useful when deciding when it's time to dismiss students. That has been one of the hardest things for me to learn in my career. 
Please visit the post at The Speech Bubble and spread some love to Maureen, her husband, and her precious baby boy!

Tip #6 for Supervising

The Frenzied SLPs are providing tips for supervising SLPAs, CFs, or interns this month. Today it's my turn to give my 2 cents worth!
The school system where I work doesn't have SLPAs, and it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to supervise a CF, but my tip will work for any of them! I learned the hard way that it's important to be upfront with your expectations, and to have them in writing. I wrote my last intern a book...not that I'm that harsh of a supervisor, but I wanted to make sure I had everything in writing.  She knew the dress code, her hours, the caseload...everything. She had no surprises when she walked in that first day, and things went very smoothly. 
So, take a few minutes and write down everything you think she should know. I would do it about a week before you give it to may continue to think of things you need to add to your first list!

What an Empty Nester SLP Does in the Summer

The Frenzied SLPs are taking somewhat of a hiatus during the summer. Each of us is taking one day to share how we spend our summers. Today it's my turn:
My boys are grown, and my husband doesn't have the luxury of having the summer off, so I have a lot of time to myself. I spend a lot of mornings on the back porch (right picture); especially early mornings. I get a cup of coffee, grab the daily Mass readings, and head out for some time with the birds. It's the most peaceful time of day, and it's not least most mornings it isn't. I'm also out there some evenings reading (see lower left picture), if the humidity isn't too high. 
When my husband does get time off, we hook up the trailer (I call it my "glorified tent") and enjoy some "us" time. Last summer, we went to the Outer July. NOT the time to go to camp, y'all! Thankfully we had a huge motorhome next to us that provided us with excellent shade.
Are you a camper? If you camp, what kind of camping do you do? Tent? RV? or, like our oldest son, under the stars with a hammock?

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