Looking Ahead: First Full Week of Therapy and a Couple of Freebies!

Next week will be my first full week of therapy. I like to "slide into" planning; nothing too strenuous for the first couple of weeks!
For Monday & Tuesday, my students will review my procedures and take a look at the new reinforcement board in the room.
We'll discuss their goals and why they come to speech. We'll also discuss where they are with their progress; what they can do. My younger ones will have a copy with a picture to color:
My older ones will have the option of having a paper with or without the picture.
You can grab a copy for yourself here

Raise your hand if you knew that the 15th is International Dot Day. If you didn't raise your hand, don't feel bad. I didn't know there was such a thing until our art teacher sent an email about it. I told her SLPs are all about dots & paint daubers! She is centering activities around the book The Dot (Creatrilogy) by Peter H. Reynolds. There are so many goals you can target with this book! 
I use the first "real" day of therapy for checking to see where my students are after the summer break. For my artic students, I usually use the S-Cat. In keeping with the dot theme, the students will use paint daubers to fill in this sheet:
(Easel graphic from My Cute Graphics)
To download, click here.

My schedule is set, screenings are (mostly) done, so I guess I'm all ready! Wish me luck!

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