Steps for a Good Year

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Time for another school year! Are you excited, or you just kind of "eh"? If I'm being honest, I have to say I'm just kind of "eh" this year. It's time to get focused and get down to business. It's time to take steps before the first week of school to be productive!

Step 1: Get my room put back together. Put things on the wall, rearrange the furniture, and get my computer set back up. I hit a HUGE snafu with one of my printers. After googling & troubleshooting, I think I have it working correctly.

Step 2: Distribute IEP at a Glance forms to the teachers and have them sign the current IEP to indicate that they have received them. It was a bit harder to chase my teachers down at one of my schools, but...mission accomplished! Suggestions for a better way to do this are greatly appreciated!

Step 3: Obtain class lists. It may seem that this step should go first, but I usually walk around the school with the IEP at a Glance forms and the page on the IEP that the teachers sign. This gives me a chance to get out of my room and talk with each teacher individually. 

Step 4: Rechecks. I've made a copy of the class lists, so I fill in the recheck form with the students' teachers. I also get the rescreen forms ready so all I have to do is grab the forms & the pictures ready. I'll start these on Monday afternoon...the first day! {{gulp!}}

Step 5: Kindergarten screens. I talked about whether or not Kindergarten Mass Screenings are beneficial in this post.  The Kinders in my school system start on a staggered schedule, meaning that they aren't all there at the same time for a few weeks. And, they are only there for 1/2 days. That schedule allows me to screen those students while they are here; then I have the afternoons for rechecks in the other grades, paperwork, scheduling, and anything else that needs to be done before therapy begins.

What steps do you take before therapy starts? 

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