Looking Ahead: TAASLP & an Old Lady

This will be a 3-day week for me...the TAASLP (Tennessee's State Association) Convention is Thursday & Friday, and I get to hang out with 3 amazing SLP Bloggers & TpT Authors:
If you're a Tn SLP, make sure to stop by our booth...we've got some fun stuff planned!
Before the fun begins, though, I have work to do...students to see. The Old Lady will be making an appearance this week through the book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (Linda Williams). I have a companion packet from Mindy Stenger that I've used in the past. There are comprehension questions, sequencing, lower level vocabulary, following directions, and a couple of versions for an open-ended game. Almost everything I need. The only thing that is missing is homework, but I've got that covered through some Halloween homework pages. 
Students at one of my schools will have a 5-minute day. I'll pull one of my open-ended Halloween games that I haven't used in a couple of years for the independent center. The kids will play independently, then, if there's time, will come together and finish the game. 
It's a short week, but we've got a lot to do!

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