Looking Ahead: Time for Halloween Themed Activities!

It's October! Since it's a short month due to Fall Break, I spend the month doing Halloween-themed activities. I pulled a couple of the "Old Lady" books & activities before I left school last week, but then I remembered I had Room on the Broom (Julia Donaldson) that I've never used. I looked back at my TPT purchases, because I thought there was a reason I bought the book. When I checked my purchases, I only found 1 freebie that I had downloaded, so I ended up spending a couple of days coming up with my own activities.
I'll definitely be using Cariboo Comprehension from Peachie Speechie. My kids love Cariboo, and using the game for comprehension questions from the book will be perfect.
We have Monday off, so there will be no 5-Minute Day next week. I tailored the activities to my caseload and what my kids needed.
Some of my students will be wading through story re-telling using story elements. First, we'll identify the elements:
 Then, the students will draw pictures corresponding with the different elements:
 Lastly, some of them will write the story under the appropriate element flaps:
My younger students who are working on WH? and producing complete sentences will play Cariboo and complete sentences using the carrier phrase, "The ____ is on the broom." They'll have to choose the correct pictures that were in the story, stack those pictures in the blank box, then I'll staple those pictures onto the page. They'll take the sheet home to go over it with their parents.
My artic kids will play a card game. I'll modify it just a bit for my little ones by only using the character/object cards. First one to get all of the characters/objects from the story is the winner.
I can't forget about the homework! Most of my students are really good about bringing their folders back with their homework signed.
That will wrap up the 8th week of therapy for me. Time is going to fly now!
Do you do a Halloween theme for October?

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