{Looking Ahead} It's a Short One!

I'm ready to sit back, watch some football, read a book, eat some turkey & pecan pie, and slide in a couple of naps! 🦃🦃
Since it's a short week, there will be no 5 minute day, and no homework. Game days for everybody!
I have a game that gets my kids up out of their seats and moving around. This is an old game that I got from Linguisystem's Listening for Articulation All Year 'Round. I checked, but it appears that it's no longer in print. It's too bad, because there were some good activities in that book!
This is the "pie game": the first one to get all 4 pieces of their pie is the winner. I put 1 piece of pie at each "station". The students pick what kind of pie they want; they choose from lemon, apple, cherry, blueberry, peach, or pumpkin. Following production of their target, they are allowed to go to a station and choose 1 slice of pie. They turn it over to reveal what kind of pie it is. If it's their slice, they take it and sit down. If it's not their slice, they turn it over & return to their chairs. The key is to get them to understand that they don't want anyone else in the group to know what they turned over.
My younger language students are going to continue with activities that were started this week; they aren't quite ready to change to something else. 

My school system gives us Wed. off, which I really like so I don't have to stay up late Wed. night getting everything ready for the big day. In fact, I have a haircut & a pedi scheduled for that day, so I'll be taking it easy.
Do you have Wednesday off? How do you spend your Thanksgiving?

P.S. Last week, I mentioned that I didn't know what I was going to do for homework. I made a freebie: the students color the pictures that contain their sounds and take it home. You can find it here

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