{Looking Ahead} Bears & Christmas

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre
The countdown to Christmas is ON! I love the "Bear" books, and it's time for Bear Stays Up for Christmas (Karma Wilson) in the rotation. 

5 Minute Day
I like to kill 2 birds with one stone, so using an activity that will get homework ready fits the bill. The students look through circulars, find pictures that contain their target sound, and glue them on their chosen picture. Don't need an independent activity? You can have your students do this to keep busy while they're waiting for their turn.
You can find the activity here.
Crazy Speech World's book companion has an open-ended game, as well as comprehension questions to work on 'wh' questions.

Follow Directions
I'm using Listening for Basic Concepts All Year 'Round (Brenda Brumbaugh) for my students working on following directions. This week's concepts are tough ones: behind and in front of. 

Lower Language
Another interactive book by Chapel Hill Snippets:
These are great to use for basic concepts and making complete sentences, along with Speech Universe's Winter Interactive Books.

Things are crazy for the next 2 weeks as I try to make sure meetings for new placements are held before Christmas Break. With the break and then iffy weather in January, it's imperative to have those meetings as soon as I can so I don't run over my 60 days! 

Are things as crazy for you, or are you on the "downslide"?

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