{Looking Ahead} Let the Celebration Begin!

Things are about to get crazy around here! Next week is the last week before break, and there are going to be so many things happening in both of my schools that it's going to be hit or miss for most of the week. 
I'm not even worrying about 5 Minute Day or homework. The kids have more important things on their minds...like SANTA!!!  🎅
This is going to be a stress-free, holiday cheerful kind of week. We're going to start off the week playing a Team Game. The kids will work together to make sure the stockings are on the mantle before Santa is ready for his visit.
My preschoolers are going to use the Gingerbread Articulation Play Dough Mats from Small Talk SLP. 
For the end of the week, my older kids get to play Christmas Bop to see who will score the most points.
My younger kids (Preschool, Kinder, and 1st Grades) are going to do a craftivity: Santa's Stuck! from All Students Can Shine. She doesn't have this in her TpT Store, or on her blog, which is really too bad, because it's super-cute!
The craftivity is something my SpEd students can do, too; it's great for following directions and basic concepts. 
I'm attending 2 parties next week: 1 of my schools is holding their party off-campus, and the SLPs are getting together after school for our annual party in a local restaurant. We'll have an ornament exchange, food, and great conversation.
Do your schools have staff parties? If so, are they on or off campus?
What about the SLPs?
I hope you and yours have the Merriest Christmas possible.

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