{Looking Ahead} The Blitz Continues!

Picture courtesy of Pexel
I had a hard time finding activities to coordinate with the One Book Blitz Book, Charlotte’s Web (EB White), so I made my own.
It’s time to get 5-Minute Days cranked back up, so 1st through 4th graders will be “writing the room” with words taken from the book. They’ll take it home for homework, so it’s a double whammy!
On Monday & Tuesday, my Preschool Walk-ins and Kinders will be making a spider. They’ll put a picture that has their sound in it on each leg and take it home for homework. I may have to leave them in my room until Wednesday/Thursday so they will be all dry when they take it home. I’ve written up a very simple homework signature page for the helper to sign to confirm that they went over the words with their little one.

My kids had a great time with the Christmas Bop! I found a cute pig popper on Amazon, so I made another game so we could use it. I have the students say their target a few times, and then they get a turn. I keep score, and whoever has the most points is the winner.
Those are my main activities for next week. My students working on making complete sentences will continue with the Emergent Reader and Repetitive activity from last week.
This will be the last week of the Blitz for me. The school system is going to continue until Feb. 6th, but Groundhog Day is coming up, so I'm going to switch gears.

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